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Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is a surgical procedure to treat obesity by reducing the stomach capacity by 80%.


The Gastric Sleeve can restrict the stomach capacity by reducing the food intake in a similar way in every meal. Also, it inhibits the secretion of a hormone called Ghrelin by which the appetite is triggered.

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Gastric Sleeve Outcomes

With this procedure, several trials have shown an excess weight loss, between 70% and 90% in average, in the first year after surgery, which can be performed using minimally-invasive techniques (laparoscopy), reducing the risk of complications, as well as recovery time, with a considerable and sustained weight loss. This surgery takes 1 hour in average, the patient may go back to normal activities 7 days following surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Advantages

Small incisions, minimal scars, reduction in hospitalization time and recovery period. The digestive process is not disturbed and therefore there are no nutritional deficiencies. Significant weight loss has been observed, as well as significant improvements in health and better control of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, degenerative joint disease and others.

  • Excessive weight loss of approximately 60-70% within a year of surgery.

  • Remission or improvement of obesity-related health conditions, such as type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, joint pain, and hyperlipidemia.

  • The desire to eat decreases.

  • Reduction of the feeling of hunger.

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